President Bush: “Attending the Olympics is a sign of respect to the Chinese People”

In an exclusive interview with known hater of America Bob Costas, President Bush explained his position on the Beijing Olympics and American relations with the Chinese government. In a political move straight out of Richard Nixon’s playbook, the President responded to several questions aimed at showering American participation in the games with guilt with a clear and rational foreign policy based on mutual respect. President Hu Jintao, he said, had been an excellent host and treated Americans warmly and that, despite having differences with him regarding the political and religious freedoms of his people, the only way to assure future piece and progress in that territory is to maintain relations whereby China would respect the United States enough to listen. He stressed that he always discusses religious and political freedom with President Hu and that he believes state regulation of underground churches is the first step towards freedom. Once recognized by the state, he explained, religion would flourish and move the people towards freedom.

The leader of the Republican party emphasized that boycotting the Olympics is extremely disrespectful to the people of China and detrimental to world peace.

He then quipped that he would like to go watch the swimming races if it was at all possible for Bob Costas to let him out of the studio.

The swimming races, featuring world record holder Michael Phelps, begin at 10 AM Beijing time (10 PM Eastern Daylight time).


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