Promotions to 11 cops in Union City!

The Jersey Journal
UNION CITY – Eleven police officers have been promoted.

Recently promoted Captain Emilio Gonzalez, PO Gaeta and PO Ed Antommarch last summer in National Night Against Crime in Union City. Photo:

Two lieutenants were promoted to the rank of captain, four sergeants to lieutenant, and three detectives and two patrolmen to sergeant at a ceremony at Jose Marti Middle School last Friday.

The lieutenants promoted to captain are Peter Cipoletta and Emilio Gonzalez. The sergeants promoted to lieutenant are: James D’Andrea, Brian Wolpert, Gregory Katseyeanis and Nichelle Luster. The officers promoted to sergeant are Omar Hernandez, Anthony Facchini, Raymond Vasquez, Sergio DeRojas and Walter Laurencio.

Union City recently passed an ordinance adding at least two captains to its table of organization, which was approved by the state Department of Community Affairs, officials said.

In “consideration of our taxpayers,” Union City Police Chief Charles Everett said the Police Benevolent Association Local 8 and the promoted officers have agreed to forego a pay hike until July 1, 2009.

“Up until the day when these promotions were made, the Union City Police Department was operating with a historically low number of supervisors,” Everett said in an e-mailed response to questions about the promotions. “These promotions restore the supervisory ranks to a low, but acceptable level.”


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