Rafaelmartel.com: Interview with Otis Davis, Olympic Champion and World Record holder in the 1960 Summer Games

Otis Crandall Davis is a former American athlete, winner of two gold medals at the 1960 Summer Olympics. Otis Davis was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on July 12, 1932. He is black and Native American. He served four years in the United States Air Force. We had an opportunity to interview him at Union City High School, where he works directing, coaching, and promoting track and field events, dedicating his knowledge and experience to work with the young students of UCHS, also volunteering many hours to work in the community. Mr. Davis is a symbol of pride for all who have the privilege of woking with him, as he is an example to the young people of the world, from whom he still gets mail inspired by his Olympic career.

Learn much more about this outstanding American at OtisDavisOlympian.com

* I would like to thank Anthony Bodiglio, Art Teacher at Union City High School, who filmed this interview. Mr. Bodiglio is one of those Great American Teachers who is loved and revered by his students for his commitment and vocation to go far and beyond for the young people of Union City. Mentioning Great American Teachers, this interview would not be possible without Master Teacher Chris Abbato, 2011 UCHS Teacher of The Year, who has volunteered his time and singular skills to let the Otis Davis story reach the world through out Mr. Davis web site, and his recognition of this great American.


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