Royal Relajo: Pippa Middleton Sunbathing Pictures Stir Legal Lawsuit

Everyone wants a piece of everything and anything Pippa Middleton, and that obviously applies farociously to pictures of her in a bikini. These pictures of her sunbathing on a yacht, diving off the edge, and taking off her top have been around for five years now, but not until a few weeks ago (read: the royal wedding) did they become the center of everyone’s attention…and a large lawsuit.

The Middleton family is taking legal action against four publications – including The Daily Mail and The Daily Mirror — for having published the images. The formal steps are that the family has to file a complaint to Britain’s Independent Press Complaints Comission and then the comission will determine if the publications have violated Pippa’s privacy or if there was a “public right to know.”

Sounds like a laborous, red tape filled process that might not end how the Middletons hope. You’re a star now, Pippa, embrace it!



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