Royal Wedding Fever: Ahora sí: Will Pippa marry Prince Harry?

LONDON – Pippa Middleton completed her spectacular rise to royal prominence with a vital role in ensuring that the royal wedding late-night party went off without a hitch.

After wowing a worldwide audience with a much-admired white dress during the official ceremony at Westminster Abbey, the stunning sister of Prince William’s new bride, Princess Catherine, kept the Buckingham Palace celebrations on course well into the not-so-early hours of the morning.

Pippa made sure that revelers kept their spirits and festivity levels high by injecting some welcome energy just as the party began to die down.

“You have to remember that everyone had been up since early in the morning, and it was an exhausting day,” a female guest told “By the midway point of the evening, once all the formal stuff was out of the way, things needed a bit of a boost. That is when Pippa came into her own, getting people onto the dance floor and revving things up again. She was great!”

Comments regarding Pippa and her wedding day dress sent the Internet into overdrive early Friday, with Twitter being swamped with remarks about her looks and figure.

However, our source revealed that her eveningwear was even more impressive, an emerald green creation with a low neckline that had male guests, including Prince Harry, entranced. To see more of Pippa’s striking party dress, go to Her sister again wore a dress by Sarah Burton, the same designer who concocted her bridal outfit.

Prince Harry thrilled the guests with a classy and amusing best man’s speech, which paid a fitting tribute to his brother and new sister-in-law, and revealed the level of affection he has for both.

There was, however, no sign of romance between Harry and Pippa, despite the level of Internet speculation following Harry’s post-wedding comments that Pippa looked “beautiful.” Pippa is in a relationship with former England international cricketer Alex Loudon, who now works as a successful financier in London. Prince Harry’s jevita, Chelsy Davy, echa candela, as she becomes Pippa’s greatest rival. This could cause tremenda piñasera in the midts of The Royals. So what now for the younger Middleton sister? Pippa’s newfound profile means she will become popular fodder for the English tabloids, which will be delighted to have more freedom to report on her life than that of the royals — due to a long-standing agreement between the British media and the monarchy.

After returning to the Middleton family home on Saturday morning, this time in a royal blue jacket and tight white jeans, she is expected to return to work as a party planner with the London firm Table Talk on Tuesday, although she will be given extra time off if needed to recover from the exhausting efforts of the past two weeks.

The firm hopes to use Pippa’s increased celebrity as a way of attracting more business, while she is also expected to take a bigger role with her parents’ company, Party Pieces, where she currently updates the website.

Either way, Pippa’s life will be considerably different from now on, with her every move to be scrutinized after a weekend when she became a fully fledged celebrity in front of the eyes of billions.


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