Senator Bob Menendez Proposes Sun Tax!

Dear Friend,

I’m your US Senator, Bob Menendez. I just dropped by to let you know that New Jersey is going through a tough period. That’s why I come to you today to propose a brand-new innovative initiative that will take advantage of New Jersey’s admirable natural resources. Opponents in the Senate like to call it the Sun Tax, but I prefer something more authentic: The Skin Cancer Prevention and Economic Stimulus Initiative. In essence, I am proposing a minor increase in federal funds marginally related to solar power.

How Does This Work?

Just as you use water and food every day, everyone uses the sun for various activities such as looking, walking, and sometimes thinking. I have already placed a tax on your water, and I am currently also working on a bill proposing a 56% tax increase on food, co-sponsored by our friend Frank Lautenberg and with the blessing of High-Tax Corzine, our honorable governor. But let’s stop beating around the bush: the Sun Tax will require that you pay for the sun that comes in and the sun that goes out. In other words: you will pay for the sun that you receive and the suntan that you get.

In these difficult times, I thank you in advance for your support for this bill, and I urge you to call Louisiana Governor Bobby Patel and West New York Mayor Silverio “Chemical” Vega, to make of this bill a bipartisan effort.

Please don’t call me; I’ll show up around election time.



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