Happy Valentine’s Day!

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En este Día de Las Madres 2014, a mi madre: a manera de homenaje

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The Day I left Frances in Harvard

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¡Ahora Sí! Tremenda piñasera between Senaid O’Connor (the one that suggested the Pope should be ripped to pieces) Here is and Miley Cyrus (the apparently confused 20 year old Disney Star) Here, courtesy of The Guardian, is a heartfelt letter that O’Connor wrote to Cyrus

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¡Resusitó! ¡Bendito es El que viene en Nombre del Señor!

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“Yiya” Murillo, la Hija de vicepresidente cubano se reencuentra con su novio en Hialeah

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Stevie Wonder at Whitney Houston’s Funeral Services

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