Take an election break with the best Cuban Sandwich!

Let’s take a deep breath, take it easy with the elections-Hillary and Obama will have lunch together anyway, but if they do we have the best place to have a great time and eat the Best Cuban Sandwich: Pan Con Todo in Union City!

Let’s put is this way; if you go to Paris and you don’t visit the Eiffel Tower is like going to Madrid and not seeing a bullfight or visit Egypt and brush off the Great Pyramids, it’s all the same as coming to New York and not eat at PAN CON TODO in Union City. Located five minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel, Pan Con Todo has the best Cuban Sandwich in the World, beating heads down the Miami imitators and speculators.

Eating at Pan Con Todo is the most authentic Cuban experience you would have outside of Cuba. Before you decide if you vote for Hillary or Obama have a Pan Con Todo “Ciudadano” and it will tune you up to make the right selection.


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