The Cuban Olympics: The Pity and the Sorrow

Rafael Román Martel

Cuban athlete represents Fidel, Raul and the Communist Party by kicking a Swede referee in the face

After 50 years of preparations for the 2008 Olympics, placing all the Communists resources in its Olympic team, Cuba earned 2 gold medals. What would appear to be an achievement to the neophytes on Communism, it’s a true embarrassment to the Communist Regime of Cuba. It has dedicated millions and all its political contacts inside the International Socialist Movement to earn at least 20 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Games. Cuban athletes are totally dedicated to their sport. They don’t need to worry about anything else, except worship Raul and Fidel Castro. You see, while athletes from free countries see their achievements as personal triumphs that represent their country, Communist athletes owe their achievements to the Marxist system which places enormous pressure on them to perform and win, not for them or the country but for the Communist Party.

When I was a child growing up in Cuba, Fidel promised that milk would run through the streets and Cuba would be the first producer of meat in the world. I can remember so many lies that it would take a list to fill this page to complete.

Another lie is that the Communist “compañeros” athletes were the best in the world because they performed for Marx, Lenin and Fidel. The Cuban Communists started a sports program based on political indoctrination. They earned the respect of the world by winning more medals than any other Latin American country, something that is not very hard to do. Just consider that the African country of Togo won as many as one medal as Venezuela. That is a true achievement for the African nation, considering that Hugo Chavez will make out of Venezuela “the next Cuba”, pouring millions on its athletes and bringing the “best” Cuban coaches on board. Venezuela was deceived by its “compañero” nation, Cuba, and the Chinese “compañeros” did not help a bit. The Chinese don’t really respect this Latin American mess, besides they are out for themselves. China. while being a Communist country is a Capitalist empire; idealism is a way of control but at least they have given their people the chance to grow economically. The Three dimensional political strategy that the Nixon-Kissinger established at the beginning of the 70’s has resulted in a better world.

While the countries of the world rejoice at the opportunity to compete in Beijing, Cuba, an olympic empire, collapses. They have become the expected winners based on their own propaganda and the corruption and anti-Americanism of the envious countries in the world. They have embarrassed Fidel, Raul, Marx and the rest of the mass murderers they so proudly represent and praise when they win a medal.

At a time of optimism for the International Socialist Criminal Movement, when the killing and raping in Free Georgia makes its members reminisce about the time when most of Europe was its slave, and its agents celebrate the misery of the Georgian civilians at the expense of the silence of the most right wing defenders of Freedom, who prefer to turn their eyes away from reality and embrace radical views from their comfortable kitchens, Latin America has fallen into economic, social, political and yes, olympic despair: Cuba leads the pack of losers.

The future as uncertain as neo-communism itself awaits the Cubans athletes on their disgraceful comeback to the island prison.



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