The Hispanic Society of New York

Twenty-eight years ago- in 1976- when I was a sophomore at Emerson High School, Mr. Falto, our Spanish teacher at Emerson High School took us to
the Hispanic Society of America. An almost forgotten building of majestic architechture, the Hispanic Society lies on Broadway and 155 St., in El Barrio Newyorkino. One of its buildings is now used as the Boricua College. I always thought of returning the small museum to my eyes, which hold a nostalgic air between the youth of my high school years and the resistence of the building’s memory, which separated us, only to know that we depended on a lapse of time where its large columns could only accept my presence, after 26 years, in gray and lonely hair. I knew it was my destiny to come back, but even I ignored its capricious intention, for all this time I was mesmerized by the oblivion of the long street whose beauty slowly drowns in the East River, next to a pre-Civil War cenetery. On November of 2003, as a teacher at Mabel G. Holmes in Elizabeth, I returned with my class, and fellow teacher Reinaldo Cruz, to allow my eyes to kiss Goya’s lover, whose card, shown in this page, I kept as a souvenir since 1976, between this and that time I longed to return to the old building in the upper side of Manhattan.


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  1. […] visited, a tradition in my literature classes, the majestic building on 155th and Broadway of The Hispanic Society of America. Student’s were able to appreciate the work of the great masters like Goya, Velazquez, El […]

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