The Oil Wars!

If this country has been winning wars in super oil-producing countries, why are we paying outrageous prices? Kuwait wouldn’t be a nation if it wasn’t for the effort and efficiency of our young men and women in the military. It would be Iraq’s colony. Iraq would be in the hands of Saddam Hussein and his sons- just take a look at “I was Saddam’s Son” or” Saddam’s Reign of Terror”, or better yet read Kanan Makiya’s work and see how this monster had his people under his boot, violating human rights in the face of the inefficient  United Nations, until the United States came into the picture. It’s beginning to look like we put the blood, and the Arabs raise the price. Citgo, at the hands of dictator/comedian Hugo Chavez would do anything to stifle the American people because, don’t be fooled, when they talk about “the empire”, that’s you and me, we are all in one big bag (melting pot?) with Bush. They hate America. They hate America and everything it stands for, including our drive to work hard and go forward. If they could they would wipe us out in a minute. Israel is our only authentic ally in the oil region. The rest is about interests, about using our might and power to protect the dynasties of Saudi Arabia from the enemies within: the radical Muslims and their own interpretation of the Qur’an.

We must ask ourselves: who are the bad guys? Surely the terrorists who murdered 5,000 in one day in the Twin Towers. Other economic terrorists are draining our wallets as hard-working Americans. As they get millions in bonuses, you and me, the common hard working American, have to think if we’ll be able to pay the next gas bill, never mind the fishing trips next Summer, because oil companies have raised the prices so much that we have to start counting our pennies at the mercy of these multimillionaire tycoons.

We support the troops all the way. It’s a fact that the sons and daughters of these oil millionaires aren’t the ones that are fighting America’s new war. Most likely their siblings are working in their companies, making salaries the average American could only dream of while our soldiers’ sacrifice keep their interests safe and secure.

It’s time to send these guys a message: use as little gas as you can. Let’s see what they do when people stop consuming and start defending their own interests. Unfortunately this is unlikely to happen. America is addicted to spending. The Oil Tycoons are betting on that. They’ll continue to raise the prices until hell breaks loose, or they create a serious depression. Congress is not doing enough because politicians need to raise money for their campaigns. They are also addicted to the power, the status, the “respect”, the $4,000 suits, the trips abroad. According to Reuters, “Congress grills oil execs on pump prices”. Let’s see how  much is true. Barack Obama is right: Washington doesn’t work. It’s time for CHANGE. Change we can believe in?  Why don’t we start with passing some regulatory measures? Why don’t we start passing some benefits on to the American people? After all, without American soldiers, there wouldn’t be any Exxon, at least operating in the Middle East.


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