The Revitalization of Union City: A Vibrant Community

New luxury condominiums on 42nd and 43rd Streets range from $340,000 to $580,000 with a 5-year tax abatement. The revitalization uptown has changed the face of the city, a credit to Brian P. Stack and his Board of Commissioners who have attracted new and strong capital to our city, less than ten minutes away from Manhattan with ample public transportation and access to The Big Apple.

The downtown area is also beginning to change in a positive direction. New luxury condos have just been built in New York Avenue and 7th Street as well as other parts of town, which are being renovated at an amazing pace, attracting a new dynamic and a new economy to our city. In almost six years, the work of Mayor and State Senate Candidate Brian P. Stack is beginning to show its dividends generously. Photos: Rafael Martel.


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