The Union City Police Department’s presentation on Career Day at Union City High School

Rafael Román Martel

UCPO Pablo Jauregui speaks to our students, as Mr. Machado listens, at the Union City Police Department presentation on Career Day, Marc 27, 2013. In the picture below UCPO Juan Méndez lectures our student body on their honorable and also dangerous profession.

On March 27th, 2013 Union City High School celebrated another successful Career Day to the benefit of its more than 2,300 students. Professionals from more than 100 careers made their presentations in order to guide and inspire our young people to follow their path. Present like every year students and teachers witnessed an interesting presentation by the Union City Police Department. This time conducted by P.O. Pablo Jauregui, P.O, Juan Méndez, Ret. Lt. Bill Peer, and Ret. Lt George Prunes.

Retired Lieutenants Bill Peer and George Prunes speak at UCHS on March 27, 2013 at Career Day

Police officers that, like Officers Jauregui and Mendez, are always on duty inside UCHS to serve and protect our student body and staff. I have only met great people serving as police offices in Union City schools.

We take the opportunity to congratulate Captain Nichelle Luster for her historic promotion as the first female Police Captain in the UCPD. My family have had the pleasure of meeting this outstanding public servant.

Union City’s Finest at National Night Out Against Crime in Union City on August 5, 2008. From left to right Sgt. Cuellar, Captain Nichelle Luster, P.O. Vazquez, our friend P.O. Ed Antommarchi, a fine police officer who worked with the youth of Union City with exceptional dedication the years he served at the legendary Emerson High School, and P.O. Rhodes.

If our safety depends on officers like Ms. Luster we couldn’t be in better hands. She is a true professional , a serious and community oriented individual who we are fortunate to have in Union City. Congratulations Captain Luster!

I must thank PO Velez, who showed his humanism and valuable assistance when my mother fell fatally ill. He was with my family all the time until my mother was taken to the hospital. Thank you Sir. May God Bless you.

Days later when my mother passed away the Union City Police Department was there at the funeral procession. They were accompanied by the West New York Police Department, and my friend New Jersey State Trooper Reinaldo Cruz. I have no words to express my gratitude to UC Mayor Brian Stack, WNY Mayor Felix Roque, all their police chiefs and supervisors, and the officers who escorted my mother to her final rest. A special note of thanks to The New Jersey State Troopers, represented by my friend NJ State Trooper Reinaldo Cruz. To all of you, again my gratitude and friendship, for in my home you have someone who will support you as long as my family lives in Hudson County.

I can’t forget how much Captain Emilio González of the UCPD helped us in our block back in 2005-2006, his authority with people that greatly affected the quality of life in our block is only matched by Captain Luster’s. I can’t forget their effective actions to make sure that the elder and the decent-hard working people of this neighborhood would preserve their quality of life.

Last week I received a letter from WNYPD Chief Michael E. Indri. I also take this opportunity to thank WNYP Chief Indri his your kind words at this difficult time for my family. Your letter underlings my conviction that in a democratic society the police is here serve and protect its citizens, not to abuse their power like they did in my childhood-and still do in my native Cuba-54 years later. God Bless you all.

UCPD Retired Lieutenant Bill Peer explains the advantages and responsibilities of being a police officer to UCHS students on March, 27, 2013. Lt. Peers retired after more than 25 years of service in the UCPD. He still volunteers his time to guide and help our youth in Union City.


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