The Worst Summer Ever!

Rafael Román Martel

This could be one of the worst summers since the Depression if prices continue escalating, speculators keep on playing games with the lives of hard-working Americans, and the fiscal irresponsibility as a great complicity, from households to economic empires, continues to feed the fear frenzy. Welcome to the XXI Century.

The United States has rescued Arabic meager oil-producing countries from total destruction at the hands of dictators like Saddam Hussein. America can keep an unpopular war going while the waiting lists are fast becoming more than a catch phrase, a social imposition: waiting lists for multi-million dollar condos, waiting lists for new BMW’s, and yes, long lines for rice buyers. If there’s a depression going on, why are there so many people waiting to buy stuff out there?

Gas prices and the rice scare have to be up there on the list, completely manipulated by Wall Street and the Garbage-Dominated Media. Washington just announced today that there’s no end in sight for the incredibly high gas prices. Well, incredibly if you consider the Oil Wars. Keep in mind that while a barrel of gasoline is $400 Euros (What the hell is a Euro anyway?), neither
France nor Italy send thousands of their young men to fight in Kuwait or Iraq or to watch over the Saudi nobility, whose members were on vacation in Europe while Americans were fighting to keep Saddam Hussein from raping their country during the First Gulf War. Gas prices could hit $10 a gallon this Summer while a pound of rice could hit a $40 value. Anything can
happen. Fear can bring more than prices up. Fear can create the worst Summer in the history of America, And it probably will. There’s nothing to stop it.

In the mean time, Obama and that lady are fighting over becoming the president of the Democrats. There is a possibility, if prices continue to rise, that we might have two presidents, or better yet, three: a democrat, Shame McCain and Al Gore, who will deliver us from all evil trees and global warmings.

I heard today that the chewing gum companies are raising prices by 300%. I don’t blame them. By the end of the summer of 2008 we could be paying $30 for a pack of chewing gum. The Cabbage Patch Dolls could even make a comeback and sale for $1,000 a piece.Paper could reach the price of gas. A decent burial could only be afforded by millionaires.

“The most alarming thing is that no one is complaining,” an old and wise friend told me today.
America is based on Freedom with a large dose of greed. If everybody is more or less complacent about the worsening conditions in this country, then fear doesn’t have to fire a shot. It will raise prices until we cry “Mama!” And by then we could all be past the Worst Summer and well into the Worst Winter of all the Worst Summers of The World.


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