Thompson withdraws from presidential race!

Fred Thompson leaves the race, a good fight he fought. A long way from his school years in Lawrenceburg, Mississippi, and his hard-working family roots, Thompson achieved his dreams; lawyer, character actor, United States senator from 1994 to 2002, he reached the highs and lows of running for the most powerful office in the world.

On the trail he left a crowd of followers- followers of his ideas. Some were in direct conflict with the giant political machines that reach unimaginable heights when the presidency is at stake. Decent, honorable, direct and with a Southern air of presidential stature, most likely Thompson would have represented us well. Most of all, he would have been a better president than some of the so-called front runners in each party at this time. Today, January 22, 2008, he announced that he retires from the race. Good luck sir, in all your future endeavors. God Bless!


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