Tilo Rivas becomes the First Dominican to Chair the Hudson County Freeholders Chambers!

For Union City residents and those of the 33rd Legislative District, the 2000s will be remembered fondly as the decade of Brian P. Stack. After a rocky late 90s where his career ambitions were shattered, losing a mayoral election by failing to court the all-important Hudson County dead vote, Stack assumed the mayorship in 2000 and hasn’t looked back. The residents of his city can now boast safer streets, gorgeous new parks, and his crown jewel– the brand new Union City High School.

This decade, we can predict from the astronomical achievements of the previous one that Brian Stack will no longer be just a name, but a political brand, shared by honest workaholic politicians that have allied themselves with Stack’s populist movement. Stack himself admits that he could not do all the good he has done alone, and while the sky is the limit for him, those that have supported him and worked hard toward the same goals are taking the reins and assuming the leadership positions that have earned in their own right. Today that brand took a major step forward as Union City Commissioner Tilo Rivas became the first Dominican-American to assume the chairmanship of the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

Four Hispanics leaders in Hudson County: from left top right Freeholder José Muñoz. Tilo Rivas; Chairman of The Board of Chosen Freeholders, Juan Manuel Pérez; Hudson County Sheriff, and Freeholder Eliu Rivera.

Tilo Rivas has achieved this high honor in our community through years and years of dedication to his community. His career has taken him through many different paths, from television and print journalism since graduating in his native Dominican Republic with a communication degree to his current work as research scientist at Kraft Foods. He is a man that has arrived at the height of political success, not because he is a lover of power and influence, but because he has a legitimate concern for the people he represents and is the type of hands-on reform that cannot sit on the stands while his neighborhood’s problems remain unsolved. He has put a strong emphasis on helping the children and the elderly of Hudson County– those who need his help the most.

His rise on the Board of Freeholders is a milestone in the Dominican community, where he is beloved, but even beyond the extraordinary cultural significance of his achievements, it guarantees Hudson County residents a faithful and earnest voice in county government to defend their interests from forces that have in the past made a mockery of our government across the state. Tilo is the pride of the Dominican community and all of us in Union City that have the privilege of calling him our public official and our friend. We salute him and wish him the best in all his future political endeavors. Congratulations, Tilo!

The new chairman was congratulated by family and friends. From left to right Nancy Francisco, Mrs. Mariela Rivas, the new chairman Tilo Rivas, Evelyn Uribe, Idania Martel, José Nova, and Hiliana Arocha.


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