Tilo Rivas: Representing with Honor the Hispanic Community in the United States!

Hudson County Freeholder for the 6th District in Hudson County and Union City Commissioner, Tilo Rivas, has been sworn in as Vice-Chairman of The Hudson County Freeholders in New Jersey, where he represents a large Hispanic community and is proud to represent the great Dominican community in our area, as well as the United States. Tilo was the first native of the Dominican Republic to win a Freeholder’s election in the history of United States. He is now in the second highest position within this important body. A man who combines his strong political and human convictions with a touch of humility and caring, Tilo has proven to be a dedicated public servant, following the steps of Union City Mayor and NJ Senator Brian P. Stack. In the political world where loyalty is a rare commodity Tilo has remain loyal to his friends, to his community, and to his political allies. I have known Tilo for more than a decade and as a friend I feel extremely proud of his accomplishments. This site admires the hard work, dedication, and contributions of the Dominican Community to our area: Tilo Rivas represents the best of it. At the same time this site has recognized The Dominican Republic’s President, Leonel Fernandez as one of the top statesman of this hemisphere, and the world, noting that when complicated situations arise in international summits, the South, Central and North American countries, including the United States, rely on President Fernandez to maintain order and a great sense of dignity in the meetings. This was evident a year ago when controversy arose in Chile, and the next summit was masterfully conducted by President Fernandez. We convey this sincere note to the Dominican Government his Honorable President, Leonel Fernandez, as to his Honorable General Consul, Arq. Eduardo Selman asking to recognize the extraordinary work of Mr. Tilo Rivas. Congratulations Mr. Rivas! You make us all proud!


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