“Together We Can” Fundraiser a Smash Hit!

Dr. Felix Roque and supporters pose for a picture with members of the WNY Police Department during a highly successful fundraising dinner for the official Together We Can campaign. After taking a brutal hit from the increasingly incompetent Vega administration earlier this week, the police force stood strong and united in support of their peers and came out in favor of change.

It was a night of hope and a promise of real and positive change for West New York. More than 350 WNY residents attended the Together We Can fundraiser, underlining their support for Dr. Felix Roque in his recall effort against the corrupt administration that has brought a 15 plus million dollar deficit to the town in less than two years.

Dozens of residents are on the verge of losing their homes because of the outrageous 47% tax increase while Vega’s puppets make six figure salaries, including his secretary at $140,000 a year. Her qualifications: a High School Diploma and the attitude of a Nazi Concentration Camp Commander.

The people are angry. The will of the people will be heard in the signatures of the recall against all odds, against the tricks of the Vega Political Machine and the corrupt backroom Hudson County political bosses who will bend to the general will against their own political interests. The democracy they preach has reached them in the its purest exercise: The people’s will.

The night of June 19, 2009 was wake-up call to the professional politicians who are bleeding West New York with high taxes, unsafe streets, massive firings of police officers and municipal workers, dangerous potholes in almost every street in WNY, a totally politicized Board of Education, total disregard for our youth and senior citizens, gangs that are now featured internationally on the History Channel, a mayor that faces “sexual harassment” charges from another man who happened to be his Chief Financial Officer, a police department whose large majority of its members are against the current administration, and a mayor who has lost the respect and gained the contempt of his people. The people who manifested themselves in the Together We Can fundraiser have said: enough to the current mess at Town Hall!

They have placed their hopes on the legitimate leader of West New York: Dr. Felix Roque. He has taken on the task of leading a recall effort against the Vega Political Machine and his puppet regime. Dr. Roque has taken the responsibility of facing and confronting the bully of West New York and his gang of thugs. He represents the best of the American spirit: he is a Colonel in the US Army and a successful doctor and businessman. He has surrounded himself with competent, decent and true people who are in touch with the pain caused by Vega and his puppet regime.

This was a night of unity and inspiration for others who still live, in this great United States, under the fear of Vega’s repressive political gang. This was a night when police officers, town workers, and all citizens alike felt that they were part of a new movement that will positively change the destiny of West New York forever. And together they chanted: Together We Can!

Photos; Rafael Martel


2 Responses to ““Together We Can” Fundraiser a Smash Hit!”

  1. Its a shame that the on Monday , at least 3 of those cops posing in the picture went back to patrol. Its just another way Sal keeping the police in lockdown. Director Fernandez is just another puppet. At the next Roque fundraiser I hope more cops attend.

  2. Well its 9+ months into the Roque Administration and Now we know it was all a set up and Lies. Mayor Roque is 180 Degrees from Candidate Roque. The Corruption planned has been exposed By Roque and Silvio Acosta. It was all a BIG Lie “Together We Can” The Biggest heist and fooling of the people in WNY History. Boy were the masses fooled by Felix Roque. The Corruption Virus is Mayor Felix Roque. Sorry I voted in the Corrupt bunch.

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