Union City High School hosts professionals at 2011 Career Day

Rafael Román Martel

Hudson County Department of Corrections was well represented by Officers Alberto Santiago, Sylvester Neal, Regina Chatman, and Chris D’Andrea.

On April 6, 2011 Union City High School hosted its tradicional Career Day. More than one hundred profesionals from an vast array of today’s competitive work force came together at UCHS to inform students about opportunities offered by their careers. Students attentively listened to the presenters who had a chance to see for the first time the brand new high tech facility.

The Hudson County Department of Corrections officials speaking to UCHS students on Career Day 2011.

Union City’s Finest were present making an informative and substancial conribution to the student body, speaking of values, dedication and hard work they underlined the advantages and responsibility of being a police officer. Sgt. Botti who also runs the Union City Boxing Club, shares his knowledge UCHS students during the UCPD presentation.

UCPD Officer Paul Jauregui during the UCPD presentation on Career Day at UCHS.

UCPO Lugo speaks to students on Career Day at UCHS.

Legendary lawyer and Hudson County political personality Libero Marotta offered his wisdom to the youth of Union City. His presentation, always interesting and provocative, awoke vivid interest among UCHS students.

Eileen Gaughan, Administrative Assistant for the Hudson County Cultural Heritage Affairs speaks on Career Day at UCHS.

Attorney Elvis Jardines, alumnus of Emerson High School Class of ’79 himself, comes back every year to volunteer his time, and share his expertise with the youth of Union City on Career Day.


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