Union City High School Track Meet with Otis Davis!

Olympic two-time champion, Otis Davis held a track meet on the Union City Midtown Sports Complex early Saturday morning, June 13, 2009. A group of runners from Union City High School competed under the guardiance of the great olympic champion who won two gold medals in the 1960, Rome Olympics. In the picture US Marines Sgt. Caonabo Reyes with Union City Police Chief, Charles Everet; Otis Davis with a group of track stars from the newly formed Union City High School at the new Midtown Sports Complex next to José Martí’s Middle School.

Otis Davis wins the gold medal in the 1960 Summer Olympics in the 400m dash, and setting a new world record of 44.9 seconds. © Photo: Time Inc. For personal non-commercial use only

Two of the best, second to none, of the people dedicated to help Union City’s young to live by a code of decency and commitment to the best qualities in life, that they both teach by example: Olympic Champion Otis davis and a great friend and role model, US Marines Sgt. Caonabo “Gunny” Reyes. I have the extreme privilege to work with both of these men, I have the honor to have within a small circle of friends Sgt. Caonabo Reyes, All Marine, All Man: True Friend. They serve as an example of the best influence in America. God Bless these great men!

US Marines Sgt. Reyes with one of the ROTC cadets, Joseph Ferrante, a participant at today’s track exercises.

The U.S. has dominated the men’s 400 meters through the years and Otis Davis is one of the nation’s all-time greats in that event. Known primarily for his prowess on the basketball court, Davis didn’t take up running the 400 meters in track and field until he was 26 years old. At the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, he won by a hair over Germany’s Carl Kaufmann, setting a world record of 44.9 seconds and becoming the first man to break the heralded 45-second barrier. Two days later, Davis and Kaufmann met again for the 4x400m relay final. He held off the challenge, anchoring home the gold with another world record performance of 3:02.2. Davis was the 1961 USA Outdoor 400m champion, and he was ranked in the top ten in the world three times during his career.

Records Held
World Record: 400 m – 45.67 (August 8, 1960 – )
World Record: 400 m – 45.62 (September 5, 1960 – )
World Record: 400 m – 45.07 (September 6, 1960 – )
World Record: 1,600 yd. relay – 3:05.60 (August 8, 1960 – )
World Record: 1,600 m relay – 3:02.20 (September 8, 1960 – )

1960 USA Outdoor Championships: 400 m – 45.80 (1st)
1961 USA Outdoor Championships: 440 yd. – 46.10 (1st)


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