Union City High School’s ESL/Bilingual Programs, and the Union City Spanish Club host a special assembly

Rafael Román Martel

The Union City High School ESL/Bilingual Program and the UCHS Spanish Club “José Martí” held a special assembly on Friday, October 22nd celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, inviting as keynote speakers two of Union City’s best: Frances Martel and Union Police Officer Paul Jauregui. 1960 two-time Olympic Champion, Otis Davis, also took part in the celebration, and the trio delivered a message of encouragement, hard work, discipline, and leading by example. More than 700 students gathered at the auditorium of the brand-new high tech facility, actively participating in the open forum session of the event.

2009 Union City Teacher of The Year, and the soul of the ESL/Bilingual Program at UCHS, Chris Abbato; Frances Martel; UCBE World Languages Supervisor, Luisa Mendez, and UCBE Arts Supervisor, Mirtha Serret at the assembly on Friday, October 22, 2010 held at UCHS.

Union City Police Officer Paul Jauregui explains the consequences of bullying and speaks of values, and the rewards of hard work to hundreds of young Union City residents who asked plenty of questions. We can attest for PO Jauregui first-hand. He works on a daily basis with our young people. He is as tireless in giving good advice to students as he is tough with those who violate the law. His theme is “actions and consequences.” Officer Jauregui, just like Sergeant Botti, UCPO Navarro, former UC Police Chief Mr. Heneck, and Mr. Valdes, our new Dean Students, are part of a disciplinary team and law enforcement team which are making a difference in our high school, making the institution safe and reinforcing values in the young population of Union City.

Frances Martel, a member of the Class of ’09 of Harvard University speaks about college life and offers valuable information to students who strive to excel. Martel is now a law student at Fordham University and a contributing editor for Mediaite.com. She has the distinction of being the first woman of Hispanic descent to run for the presidency of the Harvard Student Body, after being elected as president of her own house: Currier. On graduation she was the recipient of the Elizabeth D’Estree Award for outstanding contribution to residential life. Ms. Martel spoke in English and Spanish, among the other three languages she has learned: German, Greek and Japanese. She has been a boxing writer since she was eighteen for Pedro Fernandez’s Ringtalk.com, and her writing has been featured in Fox News’ Glenn Beck Show as well as working for Telemundo and being a manager for a local political campaign. As a resident of Union City she is an enthusiastic supporter of Union City Mayor and NJ State Senator Brian Stack and has been, since high school years a fervent supporter of human rights for Cuban political prisoners, Ms. Martel was also the Editor in Chief of the Red Ivy at Harvard University, and has been featured in articles at the Harvard Crimson, and a correspondent and camera person for Harvard Times. She has written for the NATION.com, a weblog maintained by WOR 710 New York. She is 22 years old.

Mr. Edward Marines, Vice Principal of UCHS introduces Frances Martel at the UCHS Special Assembly on Friday, October 22nd, 2010.

Frances Martel is proud to pose in this photo with two-time Olympic Champion Otis Davis, who today we are fortunate to have working with our young at the new facilities of the high tech Union City High School. Mr. Davis organizes sports events with the full support of the UCHS administration and UC Mayor Brian Stack. “I am honored to take a picture with this Olympic Champion,” she said. “He’s an example of discipline and sacrifice to reach a goal for our country and generations to come. You guys don’t know what you have. I’ve never met an Olympic Champion before. Considering that when he was champion there were so many racial barriers, in the middle of the Civil Rights Struggle, it took a special human being to overcome and triumph. If I’d had Mr. Davis in my high school years I would at least make sure to say ‘Thank you’ and salute him every day,” she told a group of SNL III students who were at an after-assembly meeting.

Union City Spanish Club members Angélica Llerena, Elio Rosalbal, keynote speaker Frances Martel, Julie Rodriguez, and Vania Ani with UCHS Security guard, my friend Otto Quijije, and UCPO Paul Jauregui.


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