Union City Mayor Brian Stack announces support for West New York Recall!

Union City Mayor and New Jersey State Senator Brian Stack speaks to hundreds of members of his Union City First organization at headquarters on 38 ST on Saturday, September 19, 2009. (Photo: Rafael Martel)

Speaking to a crowded headquarters of his organization, Union City First, Union City Mayor Brian P. Stack announce his support for change in West New York. Stack explained that he would not tolerate “another Jersey City” next to Union City. “All you have to do is crossed from Union City to West New York to see the difference and recognized that they are not doing the job they were elected to do because they don’t care about the people.” Stack announced that his organization will be active in the West New York recall efforts, although he never mentioned neither Dr. Felix Roque, who leads the recall or Mayor Silverio “Sal” Vega by name.

“The people of West New York have in a few weeks have spoken by signing 5,500 recall petitions. I get calls every day from my state senate constituency asking ‘Why don’t you run in West New York?’. I’ve heard enough complains and I have been attacked personally”, he said referring to a pamphlet published last week by a close associate of “Sal” Vega, where he was the object of the lowest kind of Hudson County politics personal attacks.

In 2007 Stack destroyed Vega in the state senate election. “Sal” Vega conducted one of the lowest and dirtiest campaigns in Hudson County history. “I forgave him for that but I did not forget” declared Stack “I am not a vindictive person but this (the latest attack) will nor stand. I also represent the people of West New York as a state senator and I see the demise of their town as they see how Union City prospers, meanwhile the authorities go down the shore every week instead of trying to improve the situation of the residents of West New York”, he said among his enthusiastic followers.


One Response to “Union City Mayor Brian Stack announces support for West New York Recall!”

  1. Hola Sr.Brian Stack recuro en esta pagina por q me urge q me ayuden estoy pasando unos momentos muy terribles no tengo donde vivir practicamente ando en la calle.donde vivo no se puede estar no hay dinero para una renta de 1300dolares vivo de un cheque que no da ni para mi misma,solo le pido q por favor me contesten me ayuden soy residente en west new york donde las ayudas caresen y pobre como yo cada dia con un pie en la calle y el otro en la miseria necesito AYUDA POR FAVOR AYUDA…..GRACIAS UNA MADRE APUNTO DE LA LOCURA !!!!!

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