Union City: Tomorrow The Final Chapter of a Tradition!

Emerson VS Union Hill for the Last Time After an 88-Year Old Rivalry

As Emersonians marched through the streets of Union City, the air of December mixed a chill of nostalgia and pride. Tradition has traced its mark. Since 1919, the Emerson and Union Hill football teams have ridden on a football rivalry, taking generations of high school students, teachers and residents on a local journey as influential as a chunk of Americana in this traditionally immigrant county. The blue and the orange will clash tomorrow for the last time. It’s the end of an era. With the new high school being built and getting ready for September 2008, both schools will join in one team- one football team- but that’s after tomorrow, November 22, 2007. Here are some images of Emerson’s march and some of the players that have kept this tradition alive.


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