Union City’s Harvard Senior Guest Speaker at Emerson HS ROTC Classes!

On Tuesday, June 3 2008, Union City’s Harvard Senior, Frances Martel, was a guest speaker at the Emerson High School’s ROTC classes, invited by Gunnery Sergeant Caonabo Reyes, who runs an award winning program. Ms. Martel eloquently spoke to EHS students about campus life at Harvard University, where she studies Government in a Pre-Law Program. At 20 she’ll earn her degree next year. Martel offered valuable information and encouragement to ROTC cadets who engaged her in a lively Q & A session after the 35 minute presentation. Frances Martel has been a featured columnist and since last year publisher of the Harvard Independent, a featured writer for Ringtalk.com since the age of seventeen, President of Carrier House at Harvard, correspondent for The Harvard Times, and the first Latin-American woman to run for the Harvard University UC presidency.

Ms. Martel and US Marines Sergeant and Gulf War Veteran, Caonabo Reyes at Emerson High School on June 3, 2008.


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