2007 Blogs in The Net! Superwinners!

Babalu blog was voted The Best Cuban American Blog in 2006. In 2007 Babalublog asked its readers to vote for The Real Cuba, in a show of solidarity and unselfishness, This blog was already featured at rafaelmartel.com’s Year’s Best, visit and you’ll find out why. Don’t miss one of the best new analysis at:

Let Ninety Miles Away take you on a literary journey. News analysis with a unique Sarasota style:

The wit and humor of Fantomas at:

In José Reyes site you’ll find a place of union for bloggers, his is a really important job: to link Cuban-American bloggers to the world. José offers interesting articles, a touch of nostalgia and lots more. Don miss:

¡Varela anuncia un año de guerra contra las perversas alimañas de El Nuevo Herald, incluyendo a Benigno Dou, El Abusador Sexual de Niños del Año. quien es el Jefe de Redacción de El Nuevo Herald!¡No lleve a sus hijos al Herald!

All Police Departments and Parents! Keep your children away from this scum!

Loser: Sexual Predator of The Year 2007: A featured attraction in one of the best blogs this year: Varela No Fear #1. Benigno Dou, a journalist for the discredited El Nuevo Herald, has earned the Sexual Predator of The Year Award 2007. This man is the Managing Editor (Director de Redacción) of El Nuevo Herald. Click HERE to view his criminal profile and information provided by the Florida authorities. On a personal note, Rafael Martel is very proud to have worked directly with the author of Megan’s Law, Richard Zimmer, in his 1996 bid for the US Senate, against an Ex-Senator who had to resign his post after being accused of corruption. Megan’s Law is a law that makes it possible for all of you to recognize scum like the one you see in this picture. El Nuevo Herald should be ashamed to have this scoundrel as a Managing Editor of the paper. Benigno Dou: Sexual Predator of The Year 2007- Congratulations!
Varela’s cubanísimo style cuts through the hypocrisy and cynicism of today’s world. He examines all news from his unique angle while unmasking the sacred cows of so-called journalism. Visit this page and you’ll go back-every day:


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