Join Barack Obama’s Transnational Bridge of Hope and Unity Rainbow Coalition of All Mankind!!!

Change is coming…. to a travel agent near you!

The Barack Obama World Tour!

Senator Obama personally invites YOU and your whole family to join him on his world tour to spread peace and understanding around the world. Every time you see an immigrant at the corner of your house, you want to reach for your gun (which the Supreme Court supports your right to do). Please, don’t shoot anyone yet. Barack’s World Tour has the answer. Barack is aiming to get together 150 million Americans (half the nation’s population) to visit the following countries: Britain, Iraq, Germany, Venezuela, Cuba, Afghanistan, Ireland, and Cote D’Ivoire. The European leg of the tour is scheduled to end in Paris, France, where Barack and 50 million Americans will symbolically retake the Bastille.

From there, the Latin American tour will kick into full gear, heading for Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Bolivia, with its grand finale party in Mexico City, where Barack expects to bring together up to 200 million Americans for an all-out week of Change and Hope Mexicans Can Believe In. The Finale will culminate with the burning of a huge Mexican flag, symbolizing the end of physical frontiers among mankind.

The Tour will begin on February 1, 2009, and will end on February 1, 2010. Barack’s Hope and Change World Crusade will make immigrants understand how it feels to have their countries invaded by the majority of a foreign nation’s populace. With this measure, Barack hopes (and changes?) to build an Transnational Bridge of Hope and Unity Rainbow Coalition of All Mankind.

Don’t Wait- Make your reservations now! Barack’s New Social policies will make sure that, wherever you work, your salary will be paid in full for the duration of the Crusade.


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