RafaelMartel.com enthusiastically endorses New Jersey’s Mayor: Brian P. Stack for re-election!

We have carefully followed Mr. Stack’s career even before he entered public office, and we have seen the results:

Mayor Brian Stack has been serving the community 7 days a week, and yes, on 16-hour days. Many Union City residents work for our town, in our schools, serving our community because there are no huge industries in this very small town. Brian Stack and his Board of Commissioners work very hard to continue the progress in Union City. And the progress is palpable, visible: just look around this city and you’ll see new construction almost everywhere, brand new schools, a visible police presence, clean streets, cultural events, and job fairs held in our schools that attract companies to our town to hire our residents. Just drive around Union City and you’ll see newly paved streets, street lighting at its best: a better quality of life.

We have a mayor who holds meetings in every district of our city, talks to everyone who attends these meetings, but, most importantly, we have a mayor who listens to his constituency.

We have a police chief, Charles Everett, who is polite and accessible– who cares. We have a police captain, Emilio González, who, along with Chief Everett and police officers, visits every district holding public meetings with the mayor, listening to concerns and taking action to improve the quality of life for all. Captain González gives his cell phone number in every meeting, and if you call him, he’ll call you back—just like Mayor Stack has done all his public life.

It doesn’t matter how many badly written flyers or empty promises these comics shove into peoples’ hands in their desperate attempt to fool the voters of Union City. They might think people forgot how bad things were ten years ago. Union City will not go back to the time when politics were first and people last, when even Civil War cannons mysteriously got lost from our public parks, when our streets resembled a war zone in terms of potholes, when our parks were abandoned and the education of our children took a second place to the politicking and the partying of local officials.

Voters should remember when taxes went up 33% in one shot with a former mayor and 32% with another. Voters should remembers how politics came first and people second for decades in this city. Voters should remember how mayors used to appear in photographs of corrupted local newspaper owners “clearing snow” for propaganda purposes while many of our streets remained full of snow, dirty and unsafe, while the doors of City Hall were close except for the political operatives.

Voters should remember how political bosses and their political hacks used to play politics with the feelings of the Cuban community and other communities in our town, appearing in public only before election time- some of them still do no matter how powerful they’ve become- and give speeches without any real appreciation or consideration for our struggle to see our homeland free.

Voters should remember when elected officials in this town did not consider the great Dominican community, keeping them as outcasts of the democratic system. We should remember who took on all of those professional politicians and won the love and the trust of the people: Brian P. Stack.

The opponents of Brian Stack seem to have the intention to go back to the past. They want to turn the clock to a time when our Spanish Speaking community did not count, except to adjust other interest’s manipulations.

Only one man turned the tide of corruption and mismanagement that have you as landlord paying the in-and-out Water Tax. A criminal tax.

One man eight years ago took head-on the problems of this city and the results are clear: this is a much better place to live. And it keeps improving it day by day.

Stack has surrounded himself with good people who are willing to serve our community. People who follow the lead of a man who has no other priority than to serve his constituency. We ask you to talk to these commissioners: Tilo Rivas, Chris Irizarry, Maryury Martinetti, and Lucio Fernandez. They are accessible to the residents because they are dedicated to public service. They are committed to offer solutions.

Brian P. Stack has proven that he is a uniter while his opponent has proven to be a divider.

We don’t need divisive forces in our community. We have become a vibrant multicultural city. Division is not a choice. Division has always been a favorite pastime of Stack’s opponents, and other machine politicians.

The enemies of Brian Stack promote a slate of HATE, that’s why they are accused of falsifying his signature in the lowest form of politics, and other scaring tactics. That’s why they run wild in their campaign literature with typos, insulting the intelligence of the voters of Union City.

The question remains: If they can’t even spell, how can they be in charge of the administration of a city?

The enemies of Brian Stack run on a platform of empty promises and no record. They have failed before they even began to present their obscure campaign talking points. It’s simple: they are running against facts with nothing except their dirty tactics and lies.

On May 11, the voters of Union City will strongly respond to the dirty tactics and the ineptitude of The Union City Comedy Troupe— and the Troupe won’t be laughing.


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