Everybody Knows who won the Gold! Highway Robbery at Beijing 2008!

America’s Nastia Liukin stands with great dignity to received a silver medal that belong to China’s He Kexin. Unscrupulous, unethical and Chinese Boot Licking Judges gave her gold medal away to Ms. Kexin. This Olympics has been characterized by uneven advantages to the chinese, no surprise there, and masterful population control, no surprise there either. In a country of almost two billion people there are events where up to 30% of the venues are empty. Since we have first hand (no me lo contó papi experience) experience with Communism we clearly see that the crowds assisting the Olympics are composed of members of the Communist party with proven loyalty, political police and any represive force’s families. High ranking members of the Communist Party, and the new capitalists-with no “political problems” who bought their way in. During the women’s marathon we saw how a city of 17 million people was practically deserted in an event where if you open it to the public you’d see millions of chinese-just out of curiosity-crowding the streets to see the athletes-most of whom live in free societies. Still China has come a long way: it has opened the door for economic freedom, something Cuba hasn’t been able to accomplish in 50 years.

Nastia Liukin will have the opportunity to compete for another gold medal tonight. Knowing that she was robbed this time around, she showed tremendous class. She’s a true sports embassador of the United States, a great young lady. She has won the gold spot in the hearts of millions around the world watching the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


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