Celebrating Spanish Culture at Union City High School!

Tenor Randy Pradera and guitarist David Perez perfomed at Union City High School – South Campus this Friday February 6, 2009. Perez, who was touring the United States, was visiting his family in New Jersey when he was invited to perform at UCHS. Pradera, a talented vocalist and musician, is an English teacher at the high school. Mr. Mac, a talented vocalist himself, played the pandereta, always intellectually gracious, always there for the students. UCHS students and teachers were treated to two mini concerts, delighting the audience.

David Perez also performed for Ms. Dominguez’ AP Spanish Literature class. Students sang along with the artist to the rythm of rumba flamenca and Caribbean folk songs.

David Perez, Ms. Juana Dominguez, and Randy Pradera,

Cuban born guitarist David Omar (David Perez) poses in front of legendary Emerson High School, this year Union City High School-South Campus, where two generations of Cubans graduated. David’s story is typical of many Cubans: after living 32 years in Cuba he met with his family in Málaga, Spain, where his sisters Consuelo and Idania reunited with him. He resides in Andalusía with his wife Mariola, and his two children Irene and José David. David left Cuba after marrying Mariola. In 2009 he made his first trip to the United States and performed at Emerson High School on February 6, 2009. He had just come back from an European tour where he played in Bonn, Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Prague, and Rome.


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