Communist Cuba: This is how the Cuban Police treats peaceful Pro-Democracy Demonstrators!

Cuban dissident, pro-democracy demonstrator, José Díaz Silva was beaten by the police for peacefully demonstrating in the streets asking for DEMOCRACY in Communist Cuba. You can’t help but think about the thousands of demonstrators against the war and Bush in the streets of New York PROTECTED BY THE NYCPD. This man’s crime is to ask for democratic reforms! This is how Cuban Communists treat their citizens. Where is Michael Moore?

Information direct from Cuba via Marta Beatriz Roque through Silvio Acosta. Para leer toda la información también viste Cuba Democracia y Vida. For recent photos and more information about the Democratic Movement in Cuba also click this great site: Free

Pro-Democracy Activists march through the streets of Havana on September 14, 2007 to later congregate at Our Lady of El Carmen Church. These Pro-Democracy, Pro-Human Rights Activists have crossed the line of fear, for pro-democracy demonstrations in Cuba are illegal. and considered anti-revolutionary. For more photos and information visit Free


One Response to “Communist Cuba: This is how the Cuban Police treats peaceful Pro-Democracy Demonstrators!”

  1. Those henchmen of the communist regime ,better start thinking what happened to the Batista henchmen.
    “Live by The Sword Die By The Sword”

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