José Buergo: Cristian Castro le pegó a su mamá!

Piñasera in Miami: Valeria and Veronica fight while Christian Flying High!
Call Maria Elvira Salazar and Agente Otto!

One of the most fascinating stories of all time is taking place and our very own Hollywood correspondent, Jose Buergo is right on the story. The piñasera is in Miami and Valeria Liberman accused the world renowned singer Christian Castro of being gay, and beating her and his mother up during the times she was married with the Mexican singer. The beautiful Valeria filed police reports, while her husband’s famous mom, Mexican vedette, Veronica Castro, now claims that she never liked Ms. Liberman. Things are getting hot and we gonna have to call the Chinese Doctor on this one. Stay tune while we call Maria Elvira Salazar and Agente Otto.

Mexican singer CRISTIAN CASTRO has admitted to hitting his own mother during a hearing in his ongoing divorce battle with wife VALERIA LIBERMAN.

The estranged couple appeared at a family court in Miami, Florida on Tuesday (29Apr08) when Castro admitted to beating Liberman and even his own mother, actress/singer Veronica Castro.

Valeria Liberman en la playa WAO!

Liberman testified that Castro, 33, had beat her on various occasions, and had once kicked her to the point she had to go to the hospital, reports

Castro admitted he was guilty of the offences and even said on one occasion he slapped his mother at least four times and pulled her hair until a security guard put an end to their fight at her home in Mexico.

It has also been reported that Valeria could have in her possession compromising pictures of the singer that are irrefutable proof of his homosexuality. Cristian Castro denies he is gay. He also seems to have developed a strong dislike for his gorgeous wife, whom he is fighting in court to avoid his alimony responsibilities.


2 Responses to “José Buergo: Cristian Castro le pegó a su mamá!”

  1. What you are reporting is completely misstating and mischaracterizing the evidence that has been presented in court so far.
    Furthermore, as an officer of the court in Los Angeles, California a deeply resent the fact that this foreigner has been allowed to testify in English, when it is obvious to anyone listening to him, that he does not command the English language, particularly when it comes to legal matters and while suffering genuine, character assassination by his greedy promiscuous wife!
    Why has his attorney been remiss in advising his client adequately, against self incrimination, why has he not indicated to his foreigner client that his testimony could be used against him in a criminal proceeding? Why has this person completely unfamiliar with our legal system, been allowed to testify without the services of a CERTIFIED COURT INTERPRETER?
    Many, in the legal community here, have asked these questions over and over again.
    The Castro children will, (as often times children have in the past), be the victims of a greedy mother, who failed to protect them from the onset of the alleged abuse, and instead begged her violent husband to cancel the original divorce petition he had filed against her!
    Why? Because as long as she could continue living a life of sheer luxury and “star dust,” she did not mind that the children were witnessing all that abuse?
    Once the husband was unwilling to continue in the relationship where he too was the victim of his spouse’s physical abuse, then and only then, Valeria Liberman decided to throw the book at him! And boy oh boy, she certainly knew exactly how to do it, since she is a practicing attorney and a native of this country!
    This young foreigner, is being taken advantage of by his manipulative unscrupulous wife, as well as his children… What is worse is that greedy and unethical attorneys and an obviously prejudiced, elitist judge, are unconscionably allowing the children’s best interest to be callously trampled on!!!

  2. Who was his attorney ?

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