Union City Honors Veterans on Memorial Day Parade!

Proud Marine Makes US Proud!

Gunnery Sergeant Caonabo Reyes, US Marines. Gulf War Veteran, Drill Sergeant, boxing champion and a positive influence for the youth of America proudly displays the medals won in battle, defending the great freedom we enjoy in our country. Thank you Sergeant Reyes! 100% Marine! It is a true honor to be considered your friend and to work with you and see how your decorous trajectory and way of life makes a difference in the youth of Union City. We are very lucky to have you with us. God Bless you and all veterans for all the sacrifices you’ve made for all of us!

Members of the Emerson High School ROTC Program, trained by Sgt. Reyes, showing the respect and the pride for United States Veterans on May 22, 2008, in Union City, New Jersey.

Displaying the blue, representing a true feeling of love and concern for our veterans and the students of Union City, Emerson High School’s Vice Principal, Eliseo Alemán marches along our popular County Freeholder, Tilo Rivas. Union City’s Police Chief, Charles Everet, Parquing Authority Director, Alicia Morejón, and Superintendent of Schools, Sandy Sanger, honoring our veterans on May 22, 2008 in Union City, New Jersey.

The legendary Emerson High School showing support for our Veterans, on the far right, one of my students, Britney, one of Union City’s Best.

José Martí Middle School PRESENTE in today’s Union City Memorial Day Parade

Union City’s Superintendent of Schools, Sandy Sanger, working close with Mayor Brian Stack, under his leadership three new schools have been built in Union City during the last six years. Sanger is always present at community events, Summer or Winter, he’s always there for the people he proudly serves.

Hillside Pavilion Patriots Cheerleaders with tremendous brío and enthusiasm in Union City’s Memorial Day Parade marched though Bergenline Avenue, Union City, NJ on May 22, 2008.

When we need them they are always there: The North Hudson Regional Firefighters. Today they were here for our veterans.

Union City’s Finest!

Union City Police Department showing their support on Memorial Day Parade.


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