Blog Generación “Arr” “Y”-The Latest Independently Direct Information from Cuba! The Saturday Nite Remix!!

Pronto desde Cuba….Generación WHY Un nuevo Blog de Felicidad:

Open the doors of progessive ideas communication by loging on to Generation WHY! Don’t miss the opportunity to chat with Yomilili, Royalili, and Rauli! Winners will receive a ration card from the Cuban Communist Party for use during the next illegal trip to the island! You can also go out in Havana with Yomilili, dressed as a Hungarian tourist, and have fun while you use internet time in the Havana Libre Revolution Hotel while you read the new Rectification News on Generación WHY (Che Guevara complimentary urban guerrila manual and road calendar included!!!)

Chambelona Ping Pong- La Generación Arr!

Hi! I am Royalili and this is a blog about ME and people like ME with the letter R in their names, like Rolo, Rayuli and Raúl. I grew up singing “Seremos como el Ché” and tarareando the songs of Congressman Rilvio Rodríguez. But what I enjoyed the most, what I really like is chupar chambelona. It’s really nice to be here in Cuba studying Philantropy, I also go out to the Havana Hotels dressed as an undercover tourist, then I write my adventures and is really great. Isn’t that cool? My friends and I are completely open to the progressive currents debating the interesting articles of La Gaceta Oficial (The Official Cuban Government Gacet(?) including the comparing and contrasting of Raul Castro’s speeches in the New Open Debate of The Battle of Ideas Inside Revolutionary Lines of Progress Initiative, recently proposed by Raul and enthusiatically you know what I mean. I want to make lots of American friends and hopefully we all get together in the next National Free Expression Rectification Progressive Party, with Roque as our guest. My favorite show is The Round Table with Randy. See yaaaa!!!!

paid for by Raul Castro for Dictator 2007


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