Stack ‘s Brigade: Putting Union City First!

Keeping Union City Clean- Quality of Life: A Priority of Union City’s Mayor Brian Stack!

Brian Stack’s “Keep Our Streets Clean” Brigade gets up every Saturday morning to sweep Union City streets, as well as help residents achieve a better quality of life and keep Union City on the list of New Jersey’s 10 Best Places to Live. This is the idea that Brian P. Stack put into practice six years ago. The Mayor himself still goes out every Saturday morning with a broom and sweeps the streets of Union City. By the end of the Summer the mayor and his volunteers have reached every block in Union City. Do you know any other elected official that does that? I don’t. Stack is the Democratic candidate for State Senate in next November elections.

Volunteer Group: Benigno Rosarida, Oneyda López, Eufemia Santos, María Pérez, Marianela Guzmán, and Edward Robinson, dedicated residents of our city who donate their time and effort to keep Union City’s streets clean, inspired by the leadership of Stack, who was the first and still is the first who picks up a broom and leads by example.


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