Another Successful Night Out Against Crime In Union City!

The UCPD, Mayor & NJ State Senator Brian Stack and his Commissioners, US Congressman Albio Sires, US Senator Frank Lautenberg, NJ Governor John Corzine, and the great people of Union City celebrated The National Night Out Against Crime! Full Report in this, your favorite site: See the Good Guys of Union City always on the side of the residents, working together to built a better community. Check up within the next two days for developing updates and great slide show. And if you live in Union City you might be in the picture!

Union City’s Finest at National Night Out Against Crime in Union City on August 5, 2008. From left to right P.O. Cuellar, Lt. Nichelle Luster, P.O. Vazquez, our friend P.O. Ed Antommarchi, and P.O. Rhodes.

Celebrating Union City: Idania Martel, Frances Martel, Union City Mayor & State Senator, populist and personal friend, Brian P. Stack, and New Jersey Governor, Jon Corzine.

Invited by Mayor Brian Stack, U.S. Congressman Albio Sires and U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg give the Night Out Against Crime their “thumbs up”! Both elected officials were greeted by cheering crowds as they made the rounds at the yearly event.

Union City Police Officers Jauregui and García pose with Modesto Medina, exemplifying the sense of community, and care of children of the Union City Police Department, second to none. My friendship with P.O. Jauregui and his brother Felipe dates back to the early 1970’s, when a struggling and hard working Cuban community started to make its mark in The Melting Pot. Felipe Jauregui, along with a whole generation of Cuban-Americans graduated from Sarah M. Gilmore Hammar School on 17th Street and Summit Avenue. We would go on to graduate from the legendary Emerson High School in 1978.

NJ Governor, Jon Corzine, with Union City Commissioner, Maryuri A. Martinetti, and family members.

Union City Police Officers Rick Ocasio and Arlene Soto on the National Night Out.

Fire Captain Lenny Calvo and the fine men of the North Hudson Regional, who literally put their lives in the line of fire to rescue the residents of Union City, and Hudson County.

It is under the leadership of Police Chief Charles Everett that many great developments in law enforcement in our city have been achieved. Always conscious of people’s needs and active in the improvement of the residents quality of life, Everett has followed Mayor Stack’s lead in making Union City the best it can be, for our children. Here he stands with another dedicated civil servant, Commissioner of Parks and Recreation Chris Irizarry, who has been on the forefront of the Union City First movement since day one.

Union City Commissioner and County Freeholder Tilo Rivas, Hoboken Counciman, very well known and liked in Union City, Ruben Ramos, The Musical Commissioner and another great guy, the famous Lucio Fernández, and Chris Irizarry, Great public servants, great people.

You couldn’t find a more committed and in touch with our community Superintendent of Schools than Sandy Sanger. Another year he worked all day to help in this event. It’s important for our readers to understand that this event where tens of thousands of residents attend, is organized by Mayor Brian Stack and a legion of loyal volunteers who work for weeks to make tonight happen. Superintendent of Schools, Sanger is always present volunteering his time as a testament to his dedication and involvement with our community.

A special note of thanks from our neighbors to recently promoted Lieutenant Nichelle Luster. She’s a top professional, always ready to assist in the betterment of our community. She’s a hands-on leader who’ll be as courteous and helpful as any police officer can be as long as you follow the rules. The families and senior citizens of 45th Street send a message of appreciation and respect to this great police officer for her efficiency and readiness when the residents of this community need her valuable services. The same goes for Captain Emilio González, Sgt. Prendes, Sgt. Peer, P.O. Cartagena, and all the fines officers who help our residents on a daily basis. They are an asset to Union City, raising the quality of life in our vibrant and diverse community.

Mr. and Mrs. Reyes, and UCPD Sgt. Mico. Rudy Reyes is a fellow cardenense, a great Cuban. Mico. Sgt Marcial Mico is the nephew of one of our best friends, Edelma Acosta, wife of our great friend Silvio Acosta. Micco. You can’t find better people than Edelma amd Silvio Acosta, as the saying goes: the apple doesn’t fall away from the tree. Sgt. Mico is a great police officer and a great person. Union City is lucky to have public servants like him.

Edelma and Silvio Acosta, great friends and aunt and uncle of Sgt. Mico.

Our friend, US Marine Sgt. Caonabo Reyes refereed the tonight’s fights put together by The Union City Boxing Club, also sponsored by the UCPD. Photos: Consultingworks Inc ©.

We are working on a slide show of this great event… stay tuned!!!


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