Boxing: The Most Important Issue on the 2008 Campaign Trail

By Frances Martel

Union City, NJ- It is a well-documented fact in the boxing industry that many professional prize fighters elect their career out of necessity. While many legends, much like priests or doctors, feel the call of their vocation at too early an age to understand socioeconomic strife, champions born with silver spoons in their mouths come once in a blue moon. This observation begs the question: if socioeconomic deficiencies are exclusively political constructs at the mercy of the federal government, then is the current scarcity of American boxing stars and decline in sport’s popularity—particularly at the heavyweight level and with the male 18-24 demographic—a reflection of yet another failure by the Bush administration to keep America poor, violent, and with a low enough morale for boxing to flourish?

Hillary Clinton’s plan for America could benefit boxing

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