We put the Blood, the Best of Our Youth, The Arabs raise the Price of Oil! And They are Arrogant About IT!

Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah: Thanks America for Saving my Ass Now: Sin Vaselina to You! Happy Birthday!

John Mccain’s personal friend King Abdullah of The Saudi Family which controls Saudi Arabia forever-you see, it’s their farm (finca), said to Americans today to get use to the oil prices and you know what I mean (¡Sin baselina madrina!). When Saddam Hussein threatened their Kingdom in 1990 it was the United States the only country to put their soldiers in the line of fire to defend their privileges and wealth. Not even twenty years later they say “Screw YOU America.” These are the guys who support John McCain’s 100 Year War. Not even the hardcore republicans can justify that. How do you like it Manolo?!

We win the wars. We fight the wars for them. When someone like Saddam Hussein invades their country and rapes their women they go to Europe for vacation. What the hell! American soldiers will take care of the fighting! These guys are George Bush’s friend, not the American People. It’s always nice to have a George Bush and his friends to be there to send the Best of America to share their blood so The Arabs can raise oil prices…and they have the balls to say to Americans: “Get use to it” ¡Oye, Sin Vaselina! Read the whole story at the Drudge Report.


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