Hostages turn against each other but Ingrid is French: La Paranioa!

¡Llévalo Manolete! This information is for people like you, whose names start with the letter I like Iyamis, Iyalis, Imatulis. Ivanezolanis, Ivenezolanis, Ichambelona, Ichupa. Ilollypop y Iloser. Se armó la piñasera en la jungle cuando los rehenes se fajan sin contemplaciones por las acciones. Read this CNN report and see that even though extraordinary circumstances bring people together, human nature can separate them in a heartbeat even under captivity. Only ONE can save the day, well two but the other one is in Cuba.

BOGOTA, Colombia (CNN) — The hostages held alongside Ingrid Betancourt in the Colombian jungle endured years of deprivation and abuse from the leftist rebels who kidnapped them, according to one former captive.

Former Colombian lawmaker Luis Eladio Perez, held hostage for years by FARC rebels, speaks to the press.

Yet some hostages also turned on each other during their long ordeal – a time when they fought disease and despair while chained by the neck to trees or each other.

Hostages argued with each other. They fought.

Betancourt even faced the threat of sexual abuse from other hostages, said Luis Eladio Perez, a former Colombian congressman who spent four of his seven years as a hostage alongside Betancourt. The rebels freed him this year.

“Without doubt, very many people living together is very tough,” he said. “There were daily incidents and conflicts. Different opinions among the hostages create friction that results in fights.”

His account provides a more complete and nuanced look at the range of problems that Betancourt and 14 other hostages faced until a daring Colombian mission freed them last week.

He also detailed a failed escape attempt in which he and Betancourt bolted into the jungle, dived into a river and tried to swim to Brazil. That exacerbated tension among the hostages and led to even harsher treatment from their captors in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, which continues to hold an estimated 750 hostages.

Read Full Story at CNN.


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