Arthur King, Berto King, and the Fight Outside the Ring!

With 22 screws and two titanium plates in his jaw, courtesy of former IBF middleweight champion, Edison Miranda (30-3-26KO’s), it was payback time on June 22, 2008 for Arthur Abraham (27-0-22KO’s), who administered a generous beating on Miranda to have the fight stopped at 1:13 of the 4th round.

That was the fight in the ring.

After the fight Artur Abraham’s brother, Alexander, a professional boxer himself, kicked Edision Miranda as the boxer was being attended by physicians, Not happy with kcking Miranda, Alexander went on to kick the ringside doctor. He was in a weird celebrating mood. So when tough guys get tough thereal tough guys, the police, that is, is called. Alexander was arrested, freed on bond and left the country. He faces pending charges.

“King” Arthur’s brother had been acting like a bully all week long. He’s reported to “been abusive towards patrons, as well as casino and security personnel before, during, and after the bout”, according to Eeven the ESPN reporters Tim Smith and Dan Rafael noticed Alexander’s “thuggish act”. “It was low-class of him to run in the ring like that and say anything to Miranda while he was down…Me, my wife, Terry Trekas, we were all sitting ringside. I saw Alex kick at him. I don’t know where the kick landed, but he did kick at him….What Alex did to Miranda, he should go to jail for that”, declared Lightweight Champion, Nate Campbell, who witnessed the incident.

The display of unnecessary violence outside the ring is not new for Alexander, who was arrested in Germany in 2006 over a stabbing.

Edidon Miranda, who showed sportsmanship, if not in the ring (hitting low and headbutts), outside of it, will not press charges against the out of control brother of the German boxer.

“It is a shame that Arthur’s brilliant performance and first fight in the United States was marred by the disgraceful and cowardice acts of his brother Alexander. Arthur is a great person and champion who needs to be careful and not let people around him who will hurt his reputation,” said Leon Margules, Executive Director of Seminole Warriors Boxing.

3 months ago: Germany’s boxer and title holder Arthur Abraham celebrates as he is shouldered by his brother Alex after he knocked out his challenger US boxer Elvin Ayala from New Haven, CT, to defend his world championship middleweight boxing title of IBF version in Kiel, northern Germany, Saturday night, March 29, 2008. Now Alexander is in trouble with American authorities for his anger management issues. He will have to appear in a Mississippi court to clear his situation if he wants to travel with his brother to his upcoming US fights.

In the meantime IBF middleweight champion, Arthur Abraham, is scheduled to flew back to Germany on Monday. He told that he likes the United States and might buy a home in Florida.

Only four years and 22 fights into his professional career, Andre Berto is on top of the WBC’s welterweight division.

Berto stopped Miguel (Mikki) Rodriguez in the seventh round to capture the WBC welterweight title Saturday night at the FedExForum.

“I’m really excited right now,” Berto said. “It’s an unbelievable feeling at age 24 that I’m now the world champion.”

Berto knocked Rodriguez down twice in the seventh before the referee stopped the bout with 47 seconds left as Berto continually rocked Rodriguez with right hands.

The bout became a battle for the belt after former champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. retired earlier this month, setting the stage for Berto and Rodriguez, the top contenders, to fight for the championship.

“When this fight was first signed, it was just supposed to be an eliminator,” Berto said. “Now that Floyd has retired, I’m very happy to be at the top of the WBC.”

Berto, from Winter Haven, Fla., entered the fight undefeated in 21 previous bouts, 18 of them by knockout. Rodriguez had lost only twice in 31 fights, with 23 knockouts along the way.


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