Hillary Clinton loses Debate TONITE: She has been EXPOSED by her own double standards!

Obama Jumped: two against one NOT FAIR!
Shame on Hillary and Slick Willy!
Hilllary and Bill take beating Tonight!

The CNN debate was clearly won by Barack Obama, who unmasked Hillary Clinton and made it clear that he didn’t know who he was running against: Bill or her. Hillary represents the past. She knows it and Bill Clinton Knows it. It’s up to you to make an intelligent decision. This woman has done nothing to earn the privilege to run for the highest office of the United States, she rides on her part-time husband. She’s unleashed to conquer the highest office on her husband’s back. They did nothing for the Hispanic Community in eight years that he was in power. They brought down the morale and the values of this country with their corruption and their scandals. They are one now as they were before; their name today is Whitewater Hillary, a woman with the scruples of a communist. Barack Obama won the debate tonight because he comes across cleanly. Hillary is not clean. So, she can fool only the ignorant and the tame. She cannot fool the voter who reflects on her conduct and her political misdeeds during the latter part of the last century.


One Response to “Hillary Clinton loses Debate TONITE: She has been EXPOSED by her own double standards!”

  1. Were we watching the same debate????

    Obama came off as “not prepared”

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