A lot to be Thankful for! Emerson VS UH Brings Old Friends Together!

Photos Frances Martel 11 22 2007

Old Classmates get together at last Emerson-Union Hill Turkey Game on Novenber 22, 2007 in Union City. From left to right Tony Ehlers ’78, The Great Mr. Troyer, Coach and Gym Teacher of legendary Emerson High School, Raúl Villaverde ’76, Armando Luis, Rafael Martel and Mike García all alumni class of 1978-Emerson High School.

Hillers Sealed Rivalry 20-8 in The Historic Game of November 22, 2007!

Anthony Luis Ehlers, True Emersonian, All Man, 1974-78 Football Team #30. One of the great guys that graduated from Emerson, whose teachers prepared him to face life with values and Hudson County toughness.


One Response to “A lot to be Thankful for! Emerson VS UH Brings Old Friends Together!”

  1. hey martel wats up man….hey loving the site bro..it’s lukin nice….

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