The Che Guevara Asqueroso Brigade marches on!

In the picture a grupúsculo of Communists pray outside Fidel Castro’s Cult in Havana, inciting the crowds to continue the revolution and chanting “Bring The Gusanos Back, We Need Some Slack!” referring to the Exile Community for whom they profess the highest degree of hate while they need their dollars to build another shrine to Fidel and buy toilet paper in the black market. The group in this picture is part of the Che Guevara Asqueroso Brigade, notorious for planting 1 million seeds of güanábana in the streets of Havana thus earning the Papel Sanitario Raúl Castro Award 2007. The Revolution marches on this The Year of The Mierda. No importa how many mercenaries the United States buys with their drug money, The Che Guevara Asqueroso Brigade continues to march on : ¡Un Dos Tres Cuatro, Comiendo Mierda y Rompiendo Zapato! (One, Two, Three, Four: Eating Shit and Breaking Shoes!)

Thanks Gusano and Babalublog Compañeros!


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