Emerson High School Marine Corps JROTC Awards Ceremony!

Union City Schools
Celebrating Excellence in Education

US Marine and War Veteran J.Prusko receives a Special Award from the EHS JROTC on a very special night where Mr. Prusko was also invited as Guest Speaker in the ceremony. From left to right, Angela Hutton; Supervisor, Danny Frezzo; Vice Principal, Mr. J. Prusko, Bob Fazio; EHS Principal and Union City’s Assistant Superintendent of School, Danny Prusko; one of Emerson’s best teachers and proud son of tonight’s honoree: J. Prusko, Gunnery Sergeant, War Veteran and an example to us all at Emerson High School, Caonabo Reyes, the man who has brought the JROTC Program at Emerson to be recognized on a national level, winning many awards with his loyal cadets and inspiring the youth of Union City with his example, to his right, Eliseo Alemán, EHS Vice Principal and an exceptional supporter of the JROTC program in Union City.

Images from The Emerson High School Marine Corps JROTC
Celebrating the 13th Annual Awards Ceremony

June 4 2008

Union City Schools at Work!

EHS Vice Principal Mr. Mariñes and his son Esteban with EHS Vice Principal Mr. Alemán

Mr. Hanack and Mr. Prusko, boxing experts, one a serious angler, the other a rugby player and a skydiver, the bottom line: two great teachers of Emerson High School.

EHS Principal and UC Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Robert Fazio, is acknowledged with a standing ovation for being the JROTC’s strongest supporter and pivotal to the great success of the program at Emerson High School.


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  1. […] Students love this great teacher. You’ll often see him talking, advising, teaching them in the hallways. This past year I took one of my classes to listen to Mcmullen lecture about Christmas. It was quite a lesson. No book, no references, just his mind. I really don’t know how religious or not he is but I have no doubts that God has blessed this man big time. Here he is with his friend Bob Fazio, who received an standing ovation on June 4, 2008 for his support of the EHS JROTC Program. […]

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